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Design & Layout by


Design – print – web. We provide a complete range of design services including creative graphic design, high quality print and cost effective web design relating to things of historic or cultural value that are worthy of preservation. By using industry standard equipment and techniques we achieve beyond standard results across a range of design and production disciplines by creating all sorts of wonderful things, where each project becomes a great and enjoyable challenge. But most of all we pride ourselves on our quality pictorial guide books and books that we provide as an independent publisher. Beautifully produced from copy editing through to final marketing and distribution with no financial cost to the customer.

Images used by kind permission of the Lincolnshire  Aviation Centre, Kelham Island Museum & Woodford Aviation Heritage Centre.

Original Photography by


Seen as a trusted choice for corporate photography and videography, we have built a reputation out of originality for providing attention-grabbing high quality imagery. Produced with commitment and passion our band of image-makers provide an exceptional service and understand the value of diverse and appealing visuals shot to help convey the story or viewpoint. All showcased in our handcrafted displays, and publications. We endeavour to stand out from the crowd by delivering compelling and original photography and video services for museums, wildlife natural history parks and historical sites.


OUR SERVICES : Commercial and industrial, Heritage, Wildlife and Natural history photography, Museum photography, Documentary and editorial shoots, Urban and Architectural, PR Photography, Film making and videography, Aviation and Air to Air photography, CAA approved Day & Night Drone photography.


Revolutionising our photography and video capabilities is the versatility and scope of our aerial quadcopter drone imaging, facilitating a birds-eye view to access new horizons and perspectives. Also, by shooting straight down, and without the expense of using fixed-wing aircraft, we can transform landscapes and awe-inspiring views of historical architecture, heritage sites and historical landmarks in one easy sweep. We use the latest technology with CCA-approved pilots who are skilled to fly in daylight, at night and also inside. 



We offer a design and construction consultancy which specialises in the design and realisation of museums and heritage attractions. As a consultancy We are no strangers to big ideas, our design teams enjoy mulit-disciplined capabilities allowing us to offer a complete service including project management, planning, feasibility studies, research and interpretation.

Along with our associates we can supply expertise in exhibit model crafting and rich detail displays.


3D origination for Artwork & Physical Design


We regularly use 3D modelling techniques to produce original artwork for our publications, presentations and video animations as well as more traditional methods. We also use measured 3D modelling techniques to design concepts for future Museum Developments & construction.


Another important service provided by Timebox Heritage is our quality hand-crafted museum exhibit and display services. Our aim is to produce aesthetically pleasing displays that fit in with
museum, heritage, and cultural design and requirements.

Quality craftsmanship is assured. Once the designs have been decided – ‘which takes a few weeks in the studio to create a range of unique 3D prototypes’, where the true to life renders are often indistinguishable from the completed item allowing our clients to benefit from seeing the designs as they would appear before construction takes place. When working drawings and blueprints have been completed. Our distinguished woodworking craftsmen and cabinet-makers with over 30 years of experience produce beautifully made pieces of exhibit and display furniture. Leaving their mark of British made quality on any exhibit floor.

Our display  and exhibit services can produce a range of traditionally made items crafted in hardwood, perspex, and Acrylic.

Ranging from: Indoor and outdoor display cases, Specialist displays designed for video and DVD, glass display cases, counters and plinths, display boards, wall displays, free-standing floor displays, noticeboards and signage.

3DDigital Video

3D All the way for visually stimulating outcomes!

Tailored exclusively for the heritage and cultural scene looking for ways to make their exhibits and collections more accessible by encouraging visitors to interact digitally. We help develop aesthetically appealing 3D models of museums collections, artefacts and objects instead of relying on 2d pictures. By embracing technology, we provide the audience — with especially the young in mind, systems to interact with a virtual world, through visually realistic animated presentations carefully crafted by our creative team to be shown through interactive kiosks, video monitors, audio and mobile Apps.

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Blurring the boundary between real and virtual.

Timebox 3D scenes make it possible to experience immersive, interactive 360-degree virtual tours, combined with film, sound and 3D graphic illustration allowing the viewer to see your product in a new and exciting way.

Click the image on the left to experience an example of an interactive tour.

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