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Advanced Virtual Reality

3D all the way for models and renderings. 

Making historical communications much easier, by being able to provide the audience with optimum views and experiences from realistic animated visualizations. Great for teaching kids.

An example of a museum tour is shown below

Timebox 3D scenes

Timebox 3D scenes make it possible to experience immersive, interactive 360-degree virtual tours, combined with film, sound and 3D graphic illustration allowing the viewer to see your product in a new and exciting way.

Benefits to museums:
  • Allow people from all over the world to explore the museum from their smartphone tablet, Laptop or Computer

  • User friendly & intuitive to use

  • Proven to triple the time a visitor spends on a website.

  • Interactive and engaging

  • Immortalise temporary exhibitions

  • Use ''Datapoints'' to provide content to historical pieces or   additional information

  • ''Datapoints" can contain: text, images, audio, and video links

  • Used to generate direct ROI through AE tickets

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